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Mission The mission of this web site and contents is to educate students, teachers, parents and anyone else possible how to be a responsible digital citizen. So what does that mean? Best practices to protect yourself, family or your business against all of the threats lurking out there in Cyber Space.  Protect our kids. Protect yourself. I am sure I do not need to tell you that our technology has rapidly changed and our kids are given mini computers at younger and younger ages. The problem is it is rare that kids are taught simple yet effective safety procedures. Its like getting a dangerous tool and nobody telling you the various ways it can hurt you. What is even more intimidating is we as parents seem to know less about technology than our kids so where is the help going to come from? Well that is why I am involved. My name is Mitch Christian and I own Cyber Consulting and Security. I will not bore you with the details of my background here (Just go to the about page) but I can assure your I have the credentials to be leading the charge. I am involved with several organizations that are helping educate in the Cyber Security arena. I myself have lived through putting multiple teens through high school. I am very aware of the challenges and work with technology every day. I have been blessed with a lot of knowledge and experience in the Cyber Security arena and I am happy to pass that on everyone that will listen. Oh, and did I mention that this of no cost to you?
What You Can Do to Help? Well, that is why you are reading this. To help. I need your help to make a difference in our corner of the cyber world. You can send me an Email @ mchristian@cyber-cs.com , OR fill out this form and schedule a time when I can give a presentation to your school,  parents or teachers (yes I do this for businesses too). It only takes about an hour to give the presentation. It is a PowerPoint (no, I wont just read the bullet points to you). There are some videos and great information on what you can do to protect yourself, kids and anyone else you can think of. Yes with all of my background I do have some real life examples to give you and I promise they will not be boring. If you click here you can see the basics of the Safe and Secure Online program which is the presentation I typically give to schools, parents etc.  In the very near future this website will continue to grow with additional resources and links you can use.
FAQ Q: Do you have a presentation for High School Students? A: Yes. I am partnered with several organizations so pretty much any group you can think of I have a presentation built. Q: Can you suggest software/products for me to use to help protect my kids cell phone, home computing etc? A: I will go over what is available in to you at this time but will not endorse any particular brand. Q: Do you do presentations to businesses and what are the costs? A: Yes, I will give training sessions designed specifically for businesses. There are no costs to any of my presentations Q: How long is the presentation? A: It depends on the audience but in most cases I try to present in 45 minutes to 1 hour with a Q and A after. The Q and A is up to you how long you would like it to last. Q: Will you give classroom presentations or consider being a guest speaker? A: Yes. I will do both. You can contact me to set up an appointment Q: What training did you go through to become a presenter? A: I am certified in Information Security which took years of experience and hundreds of hours of training. For any of the programs I present I had to go through background checks and training on the presentation. I also have gone through FBI background checks to belong to organizations such as Infragard.
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